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I have directed  masked performances of  Sophocles' Antigone (2011) for video and of   Euripides The Women of Troy (2014), The Bacchae (2015) and Aeschylus' Choephori  and Eumenides  (2016), in English translation , with professional actors. These projects were designed to  create exciting pieces of theatre for the modern audience.  The Antigone was performed at Chisenhale Dance Space.  The Women of Troy  The Bacchae and Choephori and Eumenides were live performances for audiences at Theatro Technis, Camden Town, London.  For these productions I made the masks and props and recruited and directed the actors.
I have recently written adaptation, from a feminist perspective, of some New Comedy plays by Menander and have given two of these workshop productins, with professional actors. More information on these and links to the resulting films are on the pages below at "Not the Same old Samia" and "The Grouch and his Daughter."
Video recordings of the productions and associated production notes are available to researchers at the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama.  Their website also has a blog on my mask practice and recent and planned performance projects
Masked Greek Theatre productions.